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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Features of Woven Wire?

Woven Wire, being fabricated from a drawn material, has the advantage over competitive products of having no rough edges.

Woven Wire, by the use of any gauge wire woven from the finest to the coarsest of meshes, can meet the particular need of any open mesh requirement that may be presented to the fabricator. Data and recommendations on various items are given on the following pages.

What are the Advantages of Woven Wire?

  • Ventilation - Largest percentage of open area.
  • Lighting - More light due to better diffusion.
  • Vision - Easier to look through from any position.
  • Fire - No obstruction to hose stream.
  • Heating - Maximum circulation of air.
  • Sound - No interference.
  • Painting - Easily repainted.
  • Strength - All wires intermediate crimped and securely interwoven and clinched on drawn metal frames.
  • Cost - Lowest cost because of economy in manufacturing as mesh is woven for each job, thus eliminating the usual waste resulting from mesh cut from limited sizes of stock sheets.
  • Diversity of Wire Sizes and Meshes - To meet any requirement in open mesh construction.


What are the Sizes of Wire and its Equivalents?

We manufacture:
  • Wire mesh partitions
  • Wire mesh railing infill panels
  • Wire mesh window guards
  • Woven wire products



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