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Wire Mesh Window Guards

Uses of Window Guards
Woven Wire window guards have proven their ability to protect stores, churches, schools, homes and factories against burglary and breakage of glass. Woven Wire is the standard of protection for gymnasium windows and lends itself readily to any style of window construction. Illustrations on this page present application to a variety of conditions.

Woven Wire window guards are always made to fit the exact openings of windows, eliminating waste of material since webs are not cut from stock sheets but are woven for each individual guard. Mesh openings can be decreased to suit special conditions, such as bird screens for church windows. Thickness of wire can be increased where added protection is required, such as exterior windows adjacent to school playgrounds.

Recommendations Regarding Finishing of Window Guards
All exterior guards should be hot dipped galvanized after fabrication.

Recommended Specification
Furnish and install over all windows as shown on drawings, Woven Wire Mesh Window Guards constructed of 1 ½” diamond mesh No. 10 (.135) wire with 1” channel frames and intermediate stiffeners where required. Guards to be made hinged, lift-off, or stationary with suitable locking arrangements and securely fastened, as detailed.

Guards for windows may also be specified in larger or smaller mesh sizes, such as 1” diameter mesh No. 12 gauge wire to 2" diameter No. 6 gauge wire. Recommended frames for guards would be 1" by ½” channel.

Window Guard Types
Gymnasium Guard
Hinged Guard
Removable Guard


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